Fiberglass Repair

Nautical Marine’s fiberglass repair services is your answer to...

  • Fiberglass Boat Repair
  • Boat Detailing Needs

Tired of wondering what quality fiberglass repair of work you are really going to have done to your boat?

We understand. And that’s why you can count on the quality of boat repair fiberglass and materials we use on your crafts. You want the beauty restored to your boat as well as its water---

Here’s Eric himself next to a boat repaired at Nautical Marine:



Feeling challenged trying to find reliable fiberglass boat repair in Tampa?

We so understand – and offer the range of services you need our fiberglass repair and restoration, as well as our Gel Coat restoration includes:

  • fiberglass boat decks,
  • boat bulkheads,
  • boat transoms,
  • stringers

Nautical Marine offers excellent workmanship using the best fiberglass repair products.

You can rest assured when you leave your fiberglass boat repair to Eric and his team. Nautical Marine always uses the same type of fiberglass materials found in the original construction of your boat or top of the line composite material and fiberglass laminating.

Good fiberglass boat repair starts with what you can see.

Take a glance at a boat – on this website or right in our shop. You can see the quality of Nautical Marine’s Fiberglass boat repair. We welcome your visit to see the results of our fiberglass boat repairs.

Just below you’ll see images of a boat as it looked before Nautical Marine was called on to help her out.

Now scroll down to see how ship-shape she looked after Eric’s knowledgeable hands worked out her fiberglass repair issues.

Nautical Marine takes on a wide range of boating crafts needing fiberglass repair.

Your large cabin sailboat, high powered speed boat, the family pontoon, whatever you are setting in the water. Every job gets the same high quality care and the attention you know it needs. You can see from the image below that if your jet ski has suffered from rough trailing or rough riding – we can make the fiberglass repairs to make it as good as new.

Nautical Marine your safe harbor in Tampa for excellent fiberglass boat repair.

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