MinnKota Terrova™ Freshwater Bow Mount Electric Steer w/i-Pilot

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  • Fall away ramps for easy deployment and retrieval

  • Positive lock deploy lever releases ramps and locks motor in position

  • Balanced lower unit eliminates shaft twisting during stowing and deploying

  • Stowed position master power switch

  • Digital Maximizer for reduced battery drain and longer run time

  • Equipped with a corded foot pedal

  • Heel-toe and left/right steer buttons

  • AutoPilot (AP) on/off foot pedal with LED indicator

  • Rotary speed control

  • Includes foot pedal

  • Features 6 Spot-Lock saves and 6 Record-A-Track saves

  • Bluetooth compatible

  • Upgraded foot pedal

  • Lift assist

  • On/Off power switch


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